ReactJS – philosophy

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Let’s review why ReactJS became rather popular!

Its philosophy can be summed as:

  • write components
  • concentrate on one task at hand
  • your button is a button is a button
  • tight isolation of the internals of a component
  • say goodbye to most variable hoisting bugs in your code!
  • use raw JavaScript, JSX or TypeScript
  • if you can’t see your whole component without scrolling in your editor, refactor your code!

The real benefits of component thinking?

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Photo by Will Echols on Unsplash

Think of that delicious piece of cake. Doesn’t it look clean, very enticing? There are layers; and the cake has a definite shape. However, the process of making one piece of cake is nothing but clean.

[Sorry guys – I have no idea why I brought that cake here. I’m trying a sugarless diet mostly]

In React, each component has a shield against global scope.

Each component also protects the scope at the same time. It’s a two way street, except… well, two-way was bad analogue. Since in React, the whole idea started with ‘props’: passing each component the necessary information, strictly one way. The component doesn’t see the global scope, and it shouldn’t.

Your React components are the hot-blooded trotters with eye patches properly aligned to make your web app a winner!

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React-world: we prefer one-way streets!
Photo by Brendan Church on Unsplash

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