Project Manager 2.0

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boom ceo GIF by Sixt

Project managers! Holy soft! Look at that energy!

What kind of things such a creature do? Here’s my bet:

  • communicate! communicate!
  • understand stuff (mandatory)
  • set goal, set the path – have a discussion – and then shut up. Let the team resolve and get excited.
  • visualize and explore new vistas
  • ask to understand, if you don’t. It’s ok to ask, really. Don’t pawn uncertainties. Agile method is all about sharing uncertainties and learning.
  • do stuff that makes people independent and lets them fulfill their role with ambition and success!
  • coach, mentor people
  • back up, ensure the project viability
  • explain how things are made
  • weigh in on factors of decisions within the architecture
  • have clear-set goals for all developers and other productive project stakeholders
  • manage the backlog (‘grooming‘)
  • do roadmapping with project lead, if you are not the project lead as well
  • remove obstacles of a beautifully shaped progress in Kanban metrics

By the way, Roadmapping and keeping a working, neat backlog should definitely be a different thing. Things in Roadmap should be a bit higher level overviews of what kind of features in general the software will have. As a Roadmap item is taken to production, it becomes a Backlog item.

Happy projects!

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