Californication aka CCPA 1.1.2020 Consumer protection

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Essentials of the CCPA (California) 2020

The California CCPA will be effective on 1.1.2020 in United States, in state of California. Practical implications to Independent software vendors (ISVs) and web service providers will be similar to, but not identical to European GDPR.

CCPA is a similar data protection act as the European -wide GDPR. GDPR was enacted on 2018.

Good video on the CCPA here:

How the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will affect you and your business | TECH(talk)

CCPA key ingredients:

  • class action lawsuit is possible
  • up to 750 US Dollars per infringement

California rolls out its CCPA effective 1.1.2020

CCPA is a bill formally known as AB375. Wikipedia tells the details.

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