Liar paradox and the motivational speaker with 75% positive outcome

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There’s an audience of 500 people in a great auditorium. In comes the master. He is calm; takes a look at the audience. His voice is pleasant and assuring.

He begins: “you know, when I was younger, and less experienced, I thought I would have the power to change people. I was wrong.”

“I discovered, much later, that one can only change oneself. There’s no external power that can impose change upon you. Change begins and ends in You.”

He keeps an artistic pause. “You.”

Then he goes on to speak for a good 45 minutes. The audience gives standing ovation.

75% of the folks have a major change in their lives.


Was the motivation speaker telling the truth? If so, what happened? He basically told that no one, except one-self, can change a person. But his speech had an impact that changed eventually 375 people’s lives (75% of all 500). So he changed the people?

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