Libra, PrePavd, Tumblr, future of digital work and real-time finance

PrePavd concept? What did it promise? (Listen here)
What does it give if implemented?

  • promise: enables you flick your attention!
    -> make you juices flowing at the blink of an eye
    enable working without friction; no technological barrier to information work
  • crowdsourcing and offshoring / outsourcing without the depraving conditions

Implications downstream?

-> job switching (as understood in 2020; switching to (just one) another salary job) becomes an obsoleted concept, possibly
— is a big societal thing
— what does a “job switching” currently represent to different parties?
– organizations?
– companies themselves, having traditional 37.5h/wk employees
– schools?
– academia (universities)
– transport
— energy?
— CO2
— nature

  • pay (salary) might become easier, and more transparent
  • meritocracy realized?
  • part of “digital economy”
  • what about FB’s Libra in the future, or similar endeavours?
  • does this PrePavd touch the platforms of 2020?
  • what about platforms of 2025; rising stars?
  • how can future platforms be gauged?

When job switching comes obsolete ->

  • companies get best impulse for projects
  • what about consistent performance?
  • how does it play in reality?
  • people get to do the fun stuff!
  • [well, who does the shitty stuff? What is shitty stuff? Is there such a thing, or is it just in our minds?]

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