Satisfy p(r)icky Mr43 – Your perfect email marketing Subject

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Crafting a Subject that will not be blocked by brain of Mr43

  • be consistent between Subject <-> Body. If you promise, deliver.
  • don’t clickbait. Ever.
  • write efficiently, short 100-200 words max. No one you want to influence has time for your (too_long) shit.
  • if your mail body doesn’t add anything (content-wise) to what you already said in the Subject, you’re using wrong media – use SMS; or something else that drives the deed better.
  • don’t write random shitty noise articles
  • be timely; don’t send stale information that does not have any historical value (either) – if your product / message has historical time value, have an API or store directly to user’s Solid (MIT / Inrupt) pod
  • concentrate – make your message about one clear actionable thing
  • be personal if possible – don’t bulk-post
  • if you send out professional HR mails that are supposed to really entice applicants, make them good
  • use normal case, DON’T SHOUT ALL THE TIME
  • don’t send message whose Subject is: “Please do not reply to this mail”
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