Throwback Items: super glue

Reading Time: < 1 minute Found the internal tinkerer in myself! I actually took apart a good part of the clothes washing machine. Intuition told me to leave the washing drum attachments in place. Also I left the concrete counterweight as-is. I took out the covers, and as much as I could get ripped to clean the washing detergent storageContinue reading “Throwback Items: super glue”

Throwback Items: Millennium Falcon

Reading Time: < 1 minute Well. What can you say! The miniature Millennium Falcon marked a very special time. It was Christmas. I got this miniature spacecraft as a present for the kids. Suddenly, putting this legendary thing together, I realized it was also me returning to a very dear hobby of my own childhood: assembling “all things flying”. BackContinue reading “Throwback Items: Millennium Falcon”

Throwback Items: Bulb

Reading Time: < 1 minute My head is sometimes restless, trying to find out whether we’re realizing the information society that everyone seems to be ranting and dreaming. My gauge may be, for example, a moment like this (in image): holding the bulb that fits the back of an oven – and thinking whether it was expectedly easy, or wayContinue reading “Throwback Items: Bulb”

Miten bruteforce toimii salasanojen murtamisessa?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Miten toimii bruteforce murtomekanismina salasanoille? kokeillaan umpimähkään ja järjestelmällisesti kaikki kuviteltavissa olevat digitaaliset avaimet eli bittikombinaatiot bruteforce on digitaalinen versio siitä menetelmästä, jolla avataan oikeita fyysisiä lukkoja digitaalista bruteforcea voidaan nopeuttaa, mikäli tunnetaan inhimillisiä tekijöitä jotka vinouttavat eri bittikombinaatioiden käytön todennäköisyyttä esim. ihmisten käyttämät salasanat eivät ole täysin satunnaisia ihmiset preferoivat tiettyjä “kuvioita”: syntymäaikoja, nimiä,Continue reading “Miten bruteforce toimii salasanojen murtamisessa?”

Jukkasoft as Numbers, Past Two Years 2018-2020

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is how it looks to me, in admin panel. I’ve gotten a bit of clue about what’s behind the numbers. One single article went to a good position in Google organic search results, which accounts for a hefty amount of the total traffic. It feels really good to produce content that people find useful.Continue reading “Jukkasoft as Numbers, Past Two Years 2018-2020”

S, I, and R populations explained in Epidemiologic modeling

Reading Time: 6 minutes Growth models, otherwise sometimes known also as “population models”, became very prominent in 2020, as the Corona virus epidemic was raging all over the world. Population models want to estimate the future situation, of a population, given as fragments: how big part of the initial population will be in certain state (compartment) at given date.Continue reading “S, I, and R populations explained in Epidemiologic modeling”

Epidemiological models (SIR) in nCov and Other Epidemics

Reading Time: 4 minutes Epidemic is an incident, in time, where typically a large proportion of a population gets ill. Corona-virus pandemic of 2019 is causing an epidemic. Originally detected somewhere in December 2019, we are still (March 20th 2020) in midst of the rising tide of infection cases. The causing virus is called specifically ‘Severe acute respiratory syndromeContinue reading “Epidemiological models (SIR) in nCov and Other Epidemics”

Using Yoast on a WordPress blog

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’d had Yoast plugin in WordPress for some time. I originally bought Yoast Premium to in order to help me see interactive tips real-time, while editing a new Post. Yoast felt immediately very solid and stable. Yoast packs quite a lot of power under the hood, but as with anything, the best value comesContinue reading “Using Yoast on a WordPress blog”

vim, Twitter ja twitvim plugin

Reading Time: < 1 minute Kotoisuuden tunne on yllättävän tärkeää. vim ja TwitVim? Kahta et vaihtaisi! Pilvi muutti erään asian: joskus joudumme tekemään töitä ssh:n kautta terminaalissa, eli “etänä” palvelimella. No, mikäs siinä. Mutta pitäähän koti olla sisustettu. Ja tekstieditorissa pitää olla suoraan mahdollisuus twiitata! Siis: TwitVim -lisäosaa virittelemään. Mitä Twitvim tekee? TwitVim on vim:n omalla ohjelmointikielellä (Vimscript) kirjoitettu lisäosa,Continue reading “vim, Twitter ja twitvim plugin”

Crafting stepwise SEO changes on your WordPress

Reading Time: 2 minutes I got serious about understanding organic search for Jukkasoft somewhere towards end of 2019. With my favorite text editor open, I found this mystical piece of draft: Recipe for stepwise blog changes Make timetable of Feature ImplementationDefine clear “Milestones” to the timetablePrioritize changes, if you have many of them Have a sort of A/B testing:Continue reading “Crafting stepwise SEO changes on your WordPress”