david – getting a hammer to solve dependencies

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Are you interested in getting a glimpse of how a minor open source issue get evolved? What happens when projects are developed?

This story is a bit of tongue-in-cheek, yet contains more than a mere whiff of reality.

Like all good stories, we have to back up a bit:

Picture this. 2015, Geek-sniping

Img 6340 1
Forest of options

I was in a project where suddenly there was all the grassroot
devops’ey stuff coming ahead like a tsunami. LESS (css), Node, npm,
client-server comms between a mobile app and a Java EE server;
learning early Angular 1.5; doing a Jenkins CI pipeline brain surgery; dashboarding the code coverage and other quality issues with SonarQube…

Truly interesting, yet a paralyzing amount of parallel learning that didn’t leave too much room for nitty-gritty deep-diving into individual tools, like npm.

NPM – Quick What, Why and How?

JavaScript world took a huge jump as a viable tech stack in 2012-2014. There was a lot of new open source code available on a daily basis. The problem, however, was: how to get these libraries (packages) easily into use, in your own project?

YesFound A Hammer Star Tshirt
Npm and libs are a breeze!

npm was the answer. A subtle tool, that since around the turn of 2010-2011 served a ton of developers daily.

Some of the questions begged for an answer. Not so much the towel, but…

Till next part, see you soon.

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