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This is a bit of a SEO tips, fused with my realworld case, as Jukkasoft blog founder and sole writer.

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Long story short: for a real long time, this blog basically lived its quiet life in the Internet, without much visitors. I kept writing stuff, because I have always loved the trade. There were a couple of times when I felt like keeping the blog was futile,
but I always persisted.

I yearned for community-like activity, guest posters (you are always welcome, ask for a Writer user account), and the usual buzz around a blog.

“Magically, one day…” No! Just kidding. There was no fairy dust.

I was doing 3D with Blender, a really neat graphics software, and came upon a wonderful addon, which brings easily a realistic looking, Openstreetmap data
-based city into life
. I blogged about it. This article became one of the biggest hits in Jukkasoft.

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What’s organic search traffic from Google?

“Organic search” means the natural use of search engines by people in Internet. Think: ‘googling’. Organic search traffic to your blog is vital; it is the most genuine traffic you can get.

Google measures the happiness of users who use their search. If they see a pattern, where your blog’s article was clicked through, and user DID not return back to searching more, Google takes it that your content was good. That’s how you will get
more clicks in the future. So Google doesn’t directly necessarily “track” users — in the sense we would think of someone pursuing a person — but instead Google draws conclusions based on which links users click, AND how they behave afterwards.

Relevance of top 10 search result page in Google

Hitting ‘Search’ in Google produces organic search results: the famous list of links. It’s the list where it’s crucial that your site is featured within the first 10 search results.
That’s called the “first page” of search results.

There’s a simple reason: people rarely have the curiosity to click through to the next ten search results. Instead they start banging on #1 link, then through #2, and down
more if they don’t get satisfied by what they find.

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