Cart-wheel software cauldron

Reading Time: < 1 minute Underlying Paradigm: strong, elegant and precise. I want the Cartwheel’s static analysis to be effective in making better programs One blueprint can spawn many permutations, and choice of which perm to implement is part dev’s Developers will be more committed to architecture which they have been choosing and forming. programs written in Cartwheel are notContinue reading “Cart-wheel software cauldron”

Personal note on blogging

Reading Time: < 1 minute Personal note. Blogging is a both challenging, fun and eternally evolving “thing”. A few thoughts arose during the years: persistence ultimately wins the inner critic and resistance to write – it’s tough sometimes, gotta admit that! short and concise content beats long and wandering rants – trust me. I’ve been doing the latter quite much!Continue reading “Personal note on blogging”

Saavutettavuuden tila WordPress-blogissa kotikonstein

Reading Time: < 1 minute Härkää sarvista! Lainasin mainion Kari Selovuon kirjan “Saavutettavuusopas”. Ekana mietin omaa blogia: mikähän lienee status quo? EU-standardi pohjautuu pitkälti WCAG 2.1 -standardiin, joten nämä 4 teemaa nousevat saavutettavuustestauksessa esille: Miten helppolukuinen blogini on? Kuinka havaittavuus toteutuu? Näkyykö teksti selkeästi, onko blogin navigointi selkeä? Miten ymmärrettävää blogin artikkelit ovat? Toimintavarmuus: Toimiiko blogi yhtä hyvin normaaleilla web-selaimillaContinue reading “Saavutettavuuden tila WordPress-blogissa kotikonstein”

my Experience of Writing a first novel

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve written a short story for the past 5 years. Here’s a few ideas about writing. This is mostly just a personal venting. It’s a comforting though that this piece might help someone else who’s experiencing a writing bout, and thinking of things to do in order to wrap something up to be completed. WritingContinue reading “my Experience of Writing a first novel”