Personal note on blogging

Personal note.

Blogging is a both challenging, fun and eternally evolving “thing”. A few thoughts arose during the years:

  • persistence ultimately wins the inner critic and resistance to write – it’s tough sometimes, gotta admit that!
  • short and concise content beats long and wandering rants – trust me. I’ve been doing the latter quite much!
  • a blog feels a little bit like a first novel – writing is a rollercoaster. Sometimes you might be bustling with ideas and feeling the flow of writing, but at other times it might be tough job to crank out the words.

As a reader of blogs, myself, I see that there’s value to being a consistent blogger. We want the soap. We want an easy message. We expect things. A persona in blogosphere stands for something – something that when you see their brand in the email notification, you pretty much decide almost solely based on that, whether you’ll read the Post now, later, or never.

Having said that, I strongly recommend reading one of the brightest analyses of indirect signs about one’s blogging quality at Jonathan Morrows “Copyblogger: 20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks“.

Enjoy and may you be profilic! I’d love to read about your thoughts on writing and blogging. Please: leave a comment!

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