Joy of XML with proper tools

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was doing a recruit platform, in Java, and within there I was currently writing the spec and mechanism for format definition file for IT Skills. Then I came upon our good old friend XML and it’s companion, the grammar definition XSD (XML Schema definition). These two have a relationship: Since XML files in generalContinue reading “Joy of XML with proper tools”

Setup R for experimenting with algotrading on Windows 10 (part 1)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Quantmod library is one of my first darlings in the exploratory experiments that I did for quantitative finance. I’d previously read about algotrading and all, but what sparked my interest really further were two things: VPRO documents on quantitative finance (Youtube) especially the VPRO doc ‘The Alchemists of Wall Street‘ availability and ease of useContinue reading “Setup R for experimenting with algotrading on Windows 10 (part 1)”

Boids – beautiful simulation of natural followers using an old algorithm

Reading Time: < 1 minute Boids – a log of Learning Java EE 7 / 8 Plan multithreading for the boid calculation definition of “one round” parallelism explained shadow values (a copy of locations before calculation) using shadow values the execution (order of picking a boid) from mesh does not matter shadow buffer makes the calculations virtually as if theyContinue reading “Boids – beautiful simulation of natural followers using an old algorithm”

Automating software installs on Windows 10

Reading Time: 2 minutes So, after a semi-catastrophy on my laptop, which was caused by me just jumping the gun on getting rid of ads by Acronis (backup software), I’m writing a software to ease and automate the post-bare-metal state. In English, that means installation of all those software that you had on your laptop, but never actually gaveContinue reading “Automating software installs on Windows 10”

Of cleaning

Reading Time: < 1 minute Crumbs of bread, a bit of flour. Cleaning the house is sometimes more than “just doing”. For me, it’s at its best also a great time to have a moment for thoughts on improving the design of interior. I’m pretty visual person. Sometimes there’s immense beauty in settings like depicted here. It’s the kitchen drawer.Continue reading “Of cleaning”

Windows batch scripting basics in 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hey, imagine that you open your computer’s shell. And then you write a command. Question: What happens? And what was maybe supposed to happen? Computers are known to be quite fragile. More than physically wearing out or actually “breaking” a computer, you’re likely to possibly mess things up a bit. Messing happens often by: typoContinue reading “Windows batch scripting basics in 2020”

Seth and Froggly (short story)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Seth is 28 years. He graduated in recordtime from Harvard, having just finished studiesas the great 2008 boom and bust in housing burst.Luckily for him, his income was secured asa Team lead in a financial portfolio and investmentcompany called Inkin Finance. He found the years following the recession somewhatdepressing at first, but thought that thiswouldContinue reading “Seth and Froggly (short story)”

fraone -> upgraded to kernel 5.4.0-17

Reading Time: < 1 minute Look at the small amount of tasks and committed RAM. Fraone is my Frankfurt’s digitalocean Ubuntu server. The VPS has: 4 GB RAM 80 GB disk I’d previously left it running 121 days consequtively, and there was 100+ processes (‘tasks’) running. Now with a clean boot and new kernel, it’s very neat. 42 tasks (only!)Continue reading “fraone -> upgraded to kernel 5.4.0-17”

Scratchpad diary: ReactJS cooking on a Digital Ocean VPS (2020)

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s probably a ton of ways to actually get going with developing React code. You need always anyways: shell Node and npm installed on either Mac, Windows or Linux One of the ways is get a VPS (a light, pay-by-use server) and do development there. I had the situation where I wanted to isolate myContinue reading “Scratchpad diary: ReactJS cooking on a Digital Ocean VPS (2020)”