Seth and Froggly (short story)

Seth is 28 years. He graduated in record
time from Harvard, having just finished studies
as the great 2008 boom and bust in housing burst.
Luckily for him, his income was secured as
a Team lead in a financial portfolio and investment
company called Inkin Finance.

Froggly prototype, in a 4-port USB 2.0 HUB

He found the years following the recession somewhat
depressing at first, but thought that this
would be the perfect point to develop a more
rigorous self-improvement programme, with the
aid of software.

Inkin Finance was booming with mathematically
apt people. Creative geniuses, sometimes lacking
good “pet projects”. These guys were using their
wits all the time, for something. They couldn’t
switch their brains off. It was strange to first
come about this fact. But then again, Seth understood
he couldn’t either. He was always “on”.

With a subtle hint as a Team lead, Seth was quickly
able to get a team of two for his project – Froggly.

Froggly is a “semi-sentient AI guiding us to more
fun life”, as the team came up with a snazzy
slogan in the very first meeting.
It was 8:30PM, the team had their first casual
brainstorm in Inkin’s “fridging Kitchen” (TM) – a team-spirit
building place for many; beanball couches, perfect
coffee, hipster sentiment. And sometimes a bit of
real sunlight, even. Now there were the wading
rays of early evening.

Seth develops quickly an amicable relationship with

This personal aide is ALWAYS with him. It grows
with him. Technically they built the prototype so
that people’s smartphone browsers could be injected
with a live “Webview code” – in English, the development
can take place, while people use the software. There’s
no disruption, no updates, nothing to prevent
full steam ahead.

Froggly becomes better, and thus
the time spent doing improvements in it, becomes
more valuable. Where ever Seth goes, he finds Froggly
both useful and very entertaining. Better deals, wiser
choices, better health, more time for the One.

One day Seth asks Froggly deeper questions.
He likes to have conversations with him.
Froggly crashes. It spews a cryptic message in the
terminal. Seth’s bubble of illusion takes a slight
dent. Sure, it’s just a software. He was kind of
hoping for more.

More to come..

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