Boids – beautiful simulation of natural followers using an old algorithm

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Boids – a log of Learning Java EE 7 / 8

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Photo by Salmen Bejaoui on Unsplash

Plan multithreading for the boid calculation

  • definition of “one round”
  • parallelism explained
  • shadow values (a copy of locations before calculation)
  • using shadow values the execution (order of picking a boid) from mesh does not matter
  • shadow buffer makes the calculations virtually as if they were done in “natural way”: all at once
  • opposite of using shadow buffer would be calculating the boids updates serially; thus the fresh-in, inter-round position of a boid would be used for all other members’ calculations; thus ordering of calculation would have an effect on the resulting positions (a externally introduced flaw, sort of order bias)
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