Only the Necessary – some views of Interior design solution

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While most of my days go in a sort of digital flow, thinking of problems of quite abstract nature, I love to stop and look at the physical-environmental solutions at home.

Some of the everyday things are just “wicked” in way. For example, here’s one tough nut:

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My perfection on the “siivouskomero” – place holding just the vacuum cleaner

We often stuff unnecesarily much into spaces which don’t support functionally our haphazard choices. The closet where people store the vacuum is one such place. If overstuffed even slightly, it makes the vacuum cleaner removal a noisy business: things fall out of place, followed by one’s awkward bending around the floor, collecting the fallen items.

A small but interesting detail are the support hooks on the closet: those that guide the vacuum hose into a nice, round bend, around the top, and falling back in place again. If this is improperly designed, the vacuum doesn’t “fit” well; instead, it’s crammed in the place, and the hose is left with a tension that unwinds once you open the sliding mirror doors- once again, chaos unwinds.

More to come! Stay simple. 🙂

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