More than 3 ways to go – what to do?

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You probably know this feeling:

many, many alternatives, too much to choose from. And the result:
nothing happens.

Paralysis by analysis.

Listen, here’s a great thought experiment:

Why does a random walk process, a simple randomized algorithm,
seem to then make progress? It shouldn’t basically. Random walks
intuitively should seem totally boring, senseless, perhaps even
centered (“averagely”) at a certain point.

Why is it making progress?

Well. A random walker is a point starting at some location (X,Y)
So there is a ‘dot’ filled in a sheet of gridded paper. Then the
walker takes his next step: it can go:

at random. But note! It DOES anyway TAKE that move!
That’s the difference between analysis paralysis (where you
spend time analyzing) and doing something. Taking a move
and going to that direction is one step to somewhere.
Keeping to yourself, and not taking any steps, is a sure
way to keep still – moving nowhere!

Check out this page about random walks, it’s super:
Kudos to Johan Karlsson

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