TV short story synopsis

Three young gentlemen found a company in 1988,
in the heart of Finnish innovation hub, Otaniemi.

The company, Inducon Consultants, gets its first major consultancy deal from a pulp industry giant.

The company grows into a very lucrative and
diverse IT consultancy.

Juha is looking for a job. He’s a fresh graduate from IT networking campus, without a hint of getting paid for his skills. He can’t stand authorities,
and has no experience from work life, let alone respect for seniority.

Juha gets his first stint, half by accident, from Inducon, as the company are desperately looking for young talent.

Juha causes some stirups, as he gets special treatment from senior management. Juhani, a rather new face at the board, bets all his chips in one basket. He is sure that Juha is exactly what the company needs.

Juha gets a private lab room, fully equipped with all the tinfoil gear that he needs. It’s extraordinarily posh even for Inducon. His budget is also non-disclosed. Another striking exception to company policy.

Juha can develop his breathtaking (but unproven) visions of a new
kind of keyless digital authentication system, Damocles.
He whispers the right growth keywords to management, while
at the same time infuriating some of his senior colleagues.

Inducon is torn into two parts. The fight is clearly
taking apart some of the well-deserved ethos that had
previously taken the company to legendary heights and
undisputed reputation.

As the founder slips to oblivion, the rudder is up for grabs.
What happens next? Find out. Stay tuned!

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