Pre-Publish Hook for bloggers

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  • impostor syndrome, check.
  • nihilism with spelling
  • just one more look over all the stuff
  • is this really going out?
  • is it too long?
  • wait for your mate to not-comment on the draft version
  • Nah. FA. S’good. Just “Publish” 😀

This post was crafted carefully with the recipe above.

Photo 1614447428943 52ec0bdbc7aa?crop=entropy&cs=tinysrgb&fit=max&fm=jpg&ixid=MnwyNDc4MnwwfDF8c2VhcmNofDJ8fGNvbXBsaWNhdGVkfGVufDB8fHx8MTYxNTc5MjQ1NQ&ixlib=rb 1.2
Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash
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