Preface to Evaluation of 2001 List of Things to Come

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Futurology List of 2001 by Jukkasoft (Jukka Paulin)

In 2001 I wrote an item list about certain things related to technology, culture and inventions. Back then I looked at the world with the eyes and experiences of quite fresh technical university undergraduate student.

In the first list I hinted at possibility of:

  • automated shading of incoming light through human eyes, without mechanical lenses
  • replacing drug chemistry with pinpointed remedies for individuals (universal vaccines);
  • replacing these funny things called coins and notes with intelligent digital money (cryptocurrency);
  • making information backup and availability totally automated for people (the cloud);
  • preventing errors in monetary transactions at shop point-of-sale (POS automation);
  • improving computer operating systems to be faster (lot of improvement on broad front);
  • improving computer graphics so it wouldn’t look jagged and not be made of pixels (incremental);
  • improving HCI (human computer interaction) by leaps and bounds (Musk: Brain link);
  • improving quality of display technology (iterative improvement);
  • replacing passwords (certainly hasn’t yet happened, albeit technology exists already)

2021 I am now writing the second list, and looking at how the Items in first list had done so far. There’s interesting mixed results coming!

2041 I intend to write the Third list, and need your help!

2061 I’ll write the Fourth list, and possibly bear some fruits of these
previous ones.

2081 Would be really great to actually write the Fifth list! I’d be 104
years by then.

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