Second List: 2021-2041

Perhaps by 2041:

  • adaptive eyeshades without having to wear mechanical specs
  • digital efficient psychotherapy in continuous mode
  • braindiary from your memoirs: publish at will. Turn on or off. Generation is automatic.
  • helping people out who have difficulty accessing information
  • revealing scams, fake news and bad product offers automatically in your infostream
  • effortlessly asking “genuine cloud review” immediately from your peers – about a product
  • untying life’s worst knots with digital tools: trailblazer (TM) service – you can autofollow lifestyles
  • getting rich but not damaging others
  • relevance links & automated safe digi data (relevance links unsaturate your digital world)
  • miniserv.js file server 😉 (inside joke)
  • super mental arithmetics for those who want it, by a cybernetic brain plugin
  • translanguage – you can talk and understand any language, including Klingon!
Photo by Sasha • Stories on Unsplash

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