Next: mobile Battery

  • Mobile phone battery has faced three major bottlenecks
  • Lack of automatic fast charge mode
  • Compatibility issues and hurdles between different manufacturers
  • Patents that inhibit progress across all mobiles
  • Recyclability of materials from scrapped “the battery”
  • Reuse capability of a whole, used “the battery”
  • Revitalization (refreshing) ability of a “the battery” – mtl reversibility
  • Process greenness in the flow of total manufacturing
  • Discardability of battery materials (green)
  • Political issues in the wireless networks including base station, radio

Advanced issues that may not have that much value

  • Replaceability (modular) swap of a spare new battery into phone
  • No-cords extra battery approach
  • In-car quickcharge capability of battery
  • Standardization of wireless charging across whole home/car/env

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