Driven utopia and amojis – short story

We drove out the need to write.

People didn’t have time or patience to read. Thus writing as a counterpart became equally useless.

Only a few individuals kept writing, as they found it a personal development tool, a way to formulate and iterate.

Writing kept lingering in very short messages that people sent between each other. Rather soon, however, the messages could be replaced with much more precise and soothing amojis.

Amojis combined action-instructables with emojis.

And the word even sounded more satisfying. There was a luring ‘amorism’ in the sound of the word.

One response to “Driven utopia and amojis – short story”

  1. […] way of sign vehicles. I honestly don’t have more details sketched yet, but you can check the initial amoji article here (still on this Jukkasoft blog). Teaser […]

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