Preface to Evaluation of 2001 List of Things to Come

Futurology List of 2001 by Jukkasoft (Jukka Paulin) In 2001 I wrote an item list about certain things related to technology, culture and inventions. Back then I looked at the world with the eyes and experiences of quite fresh technical university undergraduate student. In the first list I hinted at possibility of: automated shading ofContinue reading “Preface to Evaluation of 2001 List of Things to Come”

ThreeJS and the first SpaceStation test app

Great fun today. Started with getting further into Three.JS. I added some couple of hundred lines, pretty spaghetti in the end. So the app is a clone of really nice demo of Threejs that I found on Codepen. Made it run separately on a standalone ‘express’ Node server, and then I just fired away andContinue reading “ThreeJS and the first SpaceStation test app”

Cleaned around a 100 Troll users

There were around 100 troll users, which got through the BuddyPress plugin’s BP User registration that I had opened — without further thought as to spam. Seems nowadays it’s quite common to have automated (or human-driven?) spam users easily in almost any system that allows such activity. I’m still very interested in developing this blogContinue reading “Cleaned around a 100 Troll users”

miniserv – pieni p√§tk√§ hakemistojen tietoturvaa

Miniserv sis√§lt√§√§ p√§tk√§n koodia, joka tarkistaa selaimen antaman tiedostopyynn√∂n. T√§m√§ on tietoturvasyist√§. L√∂ysin sopivan tuntuisen valmiin paketin, sanitize-filename. Kehitt√§ji√§ on kymmenkunta, ja paketti on yli sadantuhannen Github-projektin k√§yt√∂ss√§. Kehitt√§jien m√§√§r√§ kertoo siit√§, ett√§ paketilla on selke√§sti yhteist√§ hy√∂ty√§ softamaailmassa, koska kyseess√§ ei ole pelk√§st√§√§n yhden hengen omien intressien kokeilu. Toistasataatuhatta k√§ytt√§j√§√§ kertoo jotain luottamuksesta. PakettiContinue reading “miniserv – pieni p√§tk√§ hakemistojen tietoturvaa”