How was my week #1 (spring 2021) in sustained coding?

I wrote on Tuesday about shaping one’s habits in order to curb excessive “lifelong learning”, and concentrate on coding.

Here’s my own results for the 1st week. This is first part of a train of Posts about keeping up habits for coding. Coding is fun, and even more so, if you actually learn to learn: think about organizing the coding, estimating up-front, and writing about it.

Let’s dive in. First, a revelation: for this first week, I had no upfront plan for hours spend, which is bad. More on this later. I’m doing a plan for week 2.

Hours spent: 17

I spent a total of 17 hours for coding during 3.5.2021 – 7.5.2021

  • bash scripting
  • finished a very well working first version of ‘cvexp‘ – a time tracker in bash, which is useful and I use daily
  • learned front end, and started to get a feeling for keeping things really simple and neat
  • enjoyed learning a few tricks on CSS
  • tracked my hours with the tool I just finished this week!

Things went on the projects I wanted to. So the organization was “ok”, no problem with these items.

Target: week 2 of 2021 will be 20 hours

I want to spend 4 hrs daily, thus 20 total hours total for week 2 / 2021. It is going to be more than the previous. In addition, I try to solidify the coding runs even more. Now there were a bit of fragmenting ongoing, in between runs.

Targets for week 2:

  • make cvexp script bit leaner: just simpler daily operations, putting hour logging should be painless
  • CSS, focus on mouse interaction in :hover pseudoclass, work on a sample CV page
  • add first dynamic content injection into the CV page
  • deployment of web apps, packing things, pack and unpack “the luggage” -> case Linux as host

were there Major time sinks other than coding?

GMike comic authoring (3 hours).

Writing posts here at Jukkasoft, like this very piece you are reading. I wrote this on Tuesday, and made a brief edit on Sunday, the end of Week 1 of the sustained code stretch, so as to include the exact sum of hours.

Have a great weekend! Let me know if you have similar ideas or projects going on! I’ll be back on Monday 10.5.2021, launching week 2!

Have fun doing whatever project, learning or arts stuff you are in!

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