Launch week 2 – sustained coding!

Early bird launches the sustained coding week!

This week 10.5.-14.5.2021 is about:

  • learning more about visual front end (CSS)
  • particularly I need 5 deploy+usability enhancement done on a CV show engine
  • it’ll be mostly Linux cli, JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • refactor a copy-paste JavaScript helper function to be more scalable, less manual instantiation

Goal is to put 20 hours in to learning new stuff.

Back on Friday 14.5.2021, latest.

Have a great week! Stay hungry!

One response to “Launch week 2 – sustained coding!”

  1. […] All 5 items I did not have time or concentration to advance. So I will carry them over to next week. And tentatively already book the order in which I’ll do the items. This often helps. You can’t then kind of keep the soap flipping over and over in your hand! […]

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