Week #2 results (Spring 2021) in sustained coding

Blatantly bad. No excuses.

All 5 items I did not have time or concentration to advance. So I will carry them over to next week. And tentatively already book the order in which I’ll do the items. This often helps. You can’t then kind of keep the soap flipping over and over in your hand!

Did do productive stuff, one WordPress plugin (MailPoet 3) completely (100% items) translated in Finnish. Tuesday Samu turned 9-yo, which was wonderful! Bureaucratic week, other than that. A very satisfying, but as shown before, the sustained coding took a dent.

Next week will be better. This is also part of grit: set, evaluate, and learn from results. Rearrange time or something else, so next week you won’t face the same results.

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