One important question about our times: microbinge.

We all know this phenomenon: you see a brief notification about a user’s new social media post, and without even actually going as far as opening it, just by guessing, you know almost exactly what they have posted.

Someone posts just things about… well, coffee decorations. Someone else posts only about things related to technology (that’s me, and man would I like to break out from this pattern!).

The question: does it annoy you, or bring a sense of comfort, safety and satisfaction?

Because I bet the issue can be either.

I’m still out on this one. Haven’t made my mind completely. It’s just something that drives my curiosity. I sense these kind of indicators, or common patterns as zeitgeist – the way things are done in that particular period of time.

Deeper down I guess there’s the modern media portrayal thing – it’s completely possible to glue a particular kind of portrayal of a person by cherry-picking the desired and suitable snippets, removed from their original context, from social media. And that’s one fallacy of the power of digital world. We need to pay more thought to actually make sense of media, otherwise we’re easily lured into the seemingly black-and-white, unrelialistic depiction, whose origins may be a temporally narrow need by someone to sway our thinking. A classical example of this was the Cambridge Analytica campaign.

Keep reading, getting wiser, analyzing, and enjoying the web!

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