Why delivery is important in blog newsletter marketing?

Delivering. One word, but a strong meaning in communications. Delivery can mean a few other things, but we’ll concentrate on the meaning in context of email marketing and verbal communications. Delivery means the claiming of a said purpose or promise. The promise part comes in a subject of an email marketing message. If you startContinue reading “Why delivery is important in blog newsletter marketing?”

Reality check: can you live totally passwordless in 2020?

2020 seemed ripe for a totally passworldless world. However, at least I find that this is utterly nonsense. I use – and have to regularly reset – passwords. Can you live already without passwords? I’d really like to hear tales from trenches, what kind of alternatives there exists to replace the authentication we seem currentlyContinue reading “Reality check: can you live totally passwordless in 2020?”

Re-reading Arthur C. Clarke: Hammer of God

It’s summer 2021. I just finished reading Arthur C. Clarke novel “Hammer of God“. Absolutely love it! This is the second time for me. Clarke writes in such a fascinating way. I hate long dialogue, and in general, very thick books. Hammer of God is neither. Clarke’s signature style is also about the theories andContinue reading “Re-reading Arthur C. Clarke: Hammer of God”