Why delivery is important in blog newsletter marketing?


One word, but a strong meaning in communications.

Delivery can mean a few other things, but we’ll concentrate on the meaning in context of email marketing and verbal communications.

Delivery means the claiming of a said purpose or promise. The promise part comes in a subject of an email marketing message.

If you start your email with “Is Windows 11 better than Windows 10?”, you should give a clear answer in your writing. If you evoke a curious feeling in the reader, then you should also deliver.

What if i don’t deliver?

Otherwise you will leave a lukewarm feeling. You don’t stand out. You will lose the game eventually. You get unsubscribed (because unsubscribing is quite easy, finally).

People are busy. We’re judgmental. We are easily frustrated.

So: deliver. Do tell the world your opinion. Do the research. Overcome the temptation to publish, if you feel your text doesn’t quite yet deliver. And – I think personally that the shorter, the better. Doesn’t mean for example good stories should be super short. But when you can, I would prefer short and concise communications.

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