Knitting a 3D office building with Blender

Here’s my plan:

☐ extend the height of the building, to be 8-storey by cloning 4 x walls, and a ceiling
☐ fire escape stairs, onto 2 sides of building
☐ lobby of the office building (entrance)
☐ stair in front of main entry to bld
☐ an A/C ventilator machine on rooftop
☐ gravel texture in rooftop
☐ extend the roof edges, Z (upwards) base rooftop level (to provide safety hinges)
☐ add a few zebra crossings on streets
☐ make a traffic light fixture (metal) overarching all of the 4 approaches to street intersection
☐ add a yellow postal box on street
☐ add 2 streets next to bld.
☐ walking str details; add ground level bricks, or fractures in cement (texture)
☐ bring (import) a plugin OSM city landscape for a nice realistic backdrop

There’s interesting little learning in Blender, when creating a building. Sometimes you fight with a ‘beauty flaw’, like objects not being exactly one-on-one next to each other; this might look like a small gap between the floors of a building.

Blender isn’t a CAD..

..which means parametrized draw is not natively supported (as far as I know). Parametrization makes a 3D software easier to drive / programmatically create shapes that fit together perfectly.

When a software is not parametrized, you rely more on the mouse hand, and your own eyes.

Tricks, tricks..

What is not directly possible in Blender, can be done with some tricks. This is the one thing I learned throughout time. Don’t give up! There’s always some way to achieve what you can dream in your mind.

How I’ve learned Blender so far, is by doing, looking at quite a bunch of Youtube videos, and just grinding through failures. Probably spent so far around 500-1000 hours on Blender. And it’s been a magnifient journey.

At times, you might feel like it’s a dead-end. Then; a solution comes around the corner, perhaps a few days later; on Stack Overflow forums, or in a video.

Awesome blender learning videos

The tutorial videos done by Blender users are amazing! They’re totally professional level. I recommend looking up:

  • Blender Guru youtube channel (all things from simple to advanced)

I wanted variability to the 8-storey office building, but still would like to use cloning (copy-paste of walls). Blender has basically a ways of cloning structures: Duplication and Copy/Paste mechanism.

Blender has support for making drawing scripts in Python. This is a great invention, and the likes of Openstreetmap importer plugin ride on this capability. You can create any kind of object, by various means.

I heard that 2.8x series of Blender has done a MAJOR usability update. Would so be cool to test it out, however it happens that my current laptop’s video card doesn’t support the newer version. So, sticking with what I know, for now.

Two-storey version, early in the making

Working on the side entrance to Office building. In ‘Edit mode’, where objects are turned into their meshes, and you can edit them in more details: by individual vertex (point); by an edge or by Face.
Preparing a 6-second (24 fps * 6 = 144 frames) camera run of the building. The camera starts at bottom, and hovers up while backing up a little bit, to give an overview of the building. The video render is below this image, click to play it.
Rising in a 6-second video, to the top of our building. However, the ‘cues’ of height are a bit dim. We need more lights! Keep looking, next video shows how the added light gives more cues for us humans as of movement.

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