Sting – break the growth ceiling!

  • 15 years as tech partner to one particular niche computing product
  • turnover less than 1 million eur
  • profit is always a sharp 5.74%, done by downsizing & rehiring, cyclically to keep profit at around the same point
  • per capita turnover a par with industry
  • cyclic shedding and hiring (employee count is always fluctuating up and down, +/- 10%)
  • no hockeystick figures ever
  • no real breakthroughs in past 20 years
  • products are being incrementally improved
  • horrible web pages, clinical with nothing standing out positively
  • key account manager / head of sales has 21 connections in LinkedIN, and no real social presence
  • brand value is low or next to nothing
  • your company’s main product, once searched for (googled), is confused with a soap bar
  • CEO tenure is way too long, 20+ years and (everyone) counting…
  • company lacks true growth spirit
  • provides however a “rather stable” employment opportunity
  • .. yet everyone thinks: how could they fare better?

Stay tuned. Let’s get ideas. Let’s get radical!

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