Zapper (app) draft

  • Vision: Goal-driven and excited developers!
  • Let developer be devoid of interrupts
  • Need to do reporting, and keep facts straight in addition to coding
  • Zapper helps in keeping small details straight!
  • Simplify software project execution for those who don’t need more
  • Zapper optionally sends reporting to a “real” agile dashboard / PM tool
  • Signaling (even a small bit of) critical work done, which is important for team!
  • Get your tasks board empty for the end-of-day
  • See a pacing todo incher (the coach!) for getting you over the finishing line!


Join project by ID; view your tasks in the project, and start doing
code. Then:

  • zap task (mark done)
  • view statistics of your work
  • switch back to Tasks view
  • there’s only 2 views in the whole app
  • filter by clicking on specific project, or All (essentially toggle)
  • at the end of day you’ll get a overview of what you did, on a numeric basis

Dashboard design

  • what is your cognitive task right now, as User?
  • dashboard knows how important little things are
  • don’t overpromise
  • execute instead!

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