Prose writing instructions, notes for thyself

Writing instructions for myself for the future

  • write linearly
  • try to complete a chapter at one temporal go – in one session
  • use at least 30-60 minutes per chapter, experiment what would be a good amount of time
  • Examine whether the 3-pass writing style is good (described below)
  • maintain integrity of the text (yes, hard!) – experiment with tooling like Silicon Dating
  • motivation: perfected writing process saves a lot of time and headache from Future you

3-pass writing style: rough> ready> stylize

  1. coarse definition for the what the text chapter is about
  2. write the final shape and produce the text for the paragraph
  3. stylization and typos; this is a “hygienic cycle” after which the piece is not touched ever more

What’s the Headquarters (office) problem in writing?

  • The headquarters problem concept rose when I looked at the problem of the headquarters of the a fictional company, that seems to loom as a central technical writing problem in a book called Teknovelho I (2017-).
  • I want to tie the events (plot) to be happening around an IT office
  • however, there’s 3 different headquarters, since as the company evolves over time, grows etc., these headquarters also change place during the plot
  • when finishing the text, I found myself often asking a question: Which premises are we talking about right now, in this scene?

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