A Semi-Wicked problem, in WordPress: Release a book, one chapter at a time?

Description of terms

  • Page
  • post
  • a Chapter in digitally published wook (web book)
  • text
  • URL

Rules for making the publication engine

  • 1 chapter of text corresponds to a WordPress “Post”
  • The published Post can be fitted on page (optional), or let scroll vertically (a bigger challenge involving external factors such as different devices and reading software)
  • all Posts receive a automatically generated, unique URL from WordPress, at the time of publishing
  • the URL stays same throughout the lifetime of the publication
  • Page means same as a unique URL; a page is physically a view to the book, plot-wise this corresponds to a certain act of story-telling in the book

Functional Requirements of WP Book

  • linking of pages is always intact, regardless of any state of page(s) Visibility attribute
  • linking of pages is always intact, even though there would (not yet) exist a ‘successor page’ (the next page)
  • whenever a next page appears, the successor link is put in place on the predecessing page
  • supports publishing a book, one chapter at a time, with any number of days in between publications
  • intermix of other content (WordPress publications) may happen between chapters

Suggested ideas for solving this

  • a plugin, or some kind of importer
  • importer needs to work with a exportable format that people are actually capable of doing from whatever their book editing software is..
  • a plugin that modifies the WP backend’s core code in Publishing
  • supports “tags” for different publication “buckets” — ie WordPress workflow types
  • edit, rename, transparently the tags themselves – they are mere metadata

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