What’s an oppo?

She had a huge amount of enthusiasm for a moment, had the energy and need, or even had to, get this “Smarketing” project initiated..

So, she went to Google.

Asked a question from that engine of pluripotence.

And got answers. Thousands of them.

Moment of a googol digital shards. The energy was sprinkled all over. She had too many answers. And soon another meeting. So time is nigh.

What happens? What happens is determined by the capability of you taking a catch of this very opportunity.

That was an oppo(rtunity) of you doing sales.

You – as digital sales enabler

..will have an important role in helping your customers grow their business.
You do digital services, your customers buy from you, because THEY want to grow their business.

One response to “What’s an oppo?”

  1. […] you identified a customer need (an oppo that was present), you canstart walking in the footsteps of successful sales direction.An opportunity has to be […]

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