Three levels of a Digital Sales Practioner

Level 1 – The Perceptionist

Perceiving the opportunity is the starting point for digital sales!

If you identified a customer need (an oppo that was present), you can
start walking in the footsteps of successful sales direction.
An opportunity has to be caught.

Seize it. Take action.

Hone your data, ask, or propose.

This is the moment of decisions on your behalf.

If you merely look at opportunities come and go, nothing really happens.
You’d be a rainspotter. And what you want to be is a rainmaker!

Level 2 – closes sales

A successful, closed sale from the digital pipeline justifies investments
in the pipeline tech. This is good! Congratulate yourself – you have earned it!

You’ve taken a crucial step towards being digital sales professional.

It’s a magnificient feeling to get sales from any sales channel. The same
with a digital pipeline.

This is also a crucial first step that validates your choice of sales
technology. You’re not operating on gut feeling alone, anymore.

You can still either continue and practise, or think about choosing a sales technology partner.

Your partner should be at level 3:

Level 3 – a digital practioner

A replicable sales process that works for new products and new
customer segments as well!

The third tier digital marketing specialist is able to continuously detect
opportunities and make sales
. In addition they know how to customize effectively this pattern to new opportunities, new products, and how to tackle technical issues and shortcoming in the sales engine. It’s so ingrained in their daily practise that the adjustment is fluent and doesn’t take immense time, nor pit the practioner into obscure rabbit holes of jargon, software errors, debug logs nor crashes.

Tomorrow’s part 3 looks at the bigger picture of it all!

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