Future needs in global product translations

Trends that I see influencing the need for perfect translations:

The isolated moment a person is perusing media or a product. It’s the acid test.

  • we’ve come to expect seamless quality of movies, translations, ”things” in general
  • real interaction is underrated – we’re inundated by robot automation
  • human to human touch in the network, even through mediated reality, is a killer app
  • translation and interpretation can make the environments more inclusive
  • what people don’t want to ever feel is being left out, no matter how minute (small) it might seem to an outsider to the situation
  • people will love to be charmed by fluent presentation
  • AND reaping the results

Success of future virtual product companies

  • aiming for global distribution of virtual goods
  • success is quite largely due to: capability of the product and its help material standing on its own
  • make instructions easy
  • context matters
  • people are exhausted by large corpora of text
  • smaller is much more beautiful and effective
  • like physicist Hawking was told that every mathematical formula halves the readership of a book, think similarly about the amount of text in your product
  • having a good product
  • great 13 P + timing + independence of the aid material + available support
  • showing it! Walk the talk. Show your product. Put it flying!
  • do excellent stuff
  • with a warm heart and curious, open mind

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