The soul of a new Leader

Small excerpt I wrote for a follow up novel.

“The one who is able to perceive, anticipate future; tell a plot, answer key questions; present a credible direction and targets, and to be present, is the leader. A new kind of leader.”


In the story, our protagonist is looking for his identity and mission, after having been part of a confusing bankruptcy.

For the first time, he really begins to realize what people are like in this project; flesh and blood. For the first time, the virtual crew that had already worked for a common goal, is present. For him, the event is unimaginably touching and memorable.

He understands the kind of movement he’s made. He gets intoxicated by the idea of not needing constant external validation anymore – at least not in his own mind.

Planning takes place naturally, without financial pressure. The empty industrial hall near Pasila is the first office. Slowly, ideas are emerging to start developing a physical environment.

There are also a few homeless people involved, so there is a clear need to sleep at the makeshift “office”. The idyll is prescious for him. This is exactly how he would like things to stay. On the other hand, he knows that the only thing in the world is change. In this situation, however, there is something so genuine that change is sometimes lost in the mind…

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