Book Stretch method

Place all your books on a circular mat. Take a deep breath.

Go through all the books linearly. Ask yourself:

Does it bring cash to your pocket? If you’ve already read it (even just once), and it doesn’t fit any of the categories below, sell it. Heck, as Yoda would say:

YodaSpeak on books-read and their possible value proposition
  • Is the book one of those tomes you want to preserve “just in case”?
  • Is it something you’d like your grandchildren to read?
  • Is the book borrowed from library?
  • Science fiction or other fantasy, contra scientific / informative?
  • Use the MRU (most-recently-used) algorithm to consider proper depth (piling order, Z-placement) in the book shelf
  • Ultimate question: does the book offer scaffolding when placed in the bookshelf, ie. do other books or shelves depend on the book being there?
  • Ultimate answer: it’s your call.

Be brave! Use the Force!

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