Emojis and amojis in the list of medium

Where would you place emojis in a list of medium?

An emoji is a representation of a “sign vehicle” done in computer graphics. Signs are the visual, tactile or audible units of communication which relay meaning to human perceivers, us. Wikipedia’s signs article has all the details, if you wish.

We use emojis pretty much!

What’s an amoji, then?

Amoji is purely a concept that I’m kind of thinking. I think the need to write is slowly vanishing, on a humanity-wide level. Hold on. This is going to take place perhaps in a couple of thousand years, so relax. But I genuinely think writing is such slow and arduous thing, that evolution will run over it. Digital evolution. Slowly.

Amojis would become the next grand way of sign vehicles. I honestly don’t have more details sketched yet, but you can check the initial amoji article here (still on this Jukkasoft blog). Teaser below:

“Rather soon, however, the messages could be replaced with much more precise and soothing amojis.”

yours truly, in blog post “Driven utopia and amojis – short story”

Signifigance of emojis

In our phones there’s a set of graphics: the emojis. Even though one might think that the whole thing is a sort of tongue-in-cheek lightweight thingie, emojis do hold pretty significant role in our patterns of communication. Using them properly can add much needed tailspin and adjustment to otherwise boring or demanding message.

Emojis have also sparked controversy, mainly due to the fact that a consortium makes decisions on inclusion and exclusion of ideas.

Emojis are a standardized set of codes and guidelines for graphical implementation.

The exact graphics for a particular emoji is not verbatim defined by any committee, I believe.

Emoji set is then distributed to pretty much all known digital devices, like computers and mobile phones.

Where should we place ’emojis’ in our sign vehicles smörgåsbord:

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