Future of wearables? updated 08/2022

  • do work?
  • see routes of trains
  • see when to leave for next milestone
  • take dictation and save as voice
  • answer questions (Alexa-like)
  • take orders and fulfill information queries
  • you can hail taxis
  • help you at gym
  • help you at shops
  • tell immediately competing prices of stuff when you are at store
  • pay in public transport, no need for tickets (paper ones)
  • acts as many-apps and mitigates the information overloads with a sort of supertransactional grip (the way weChat works)
  • route scanner (no idea what i meant by this, editing now later..)
  • wearable lets you control presentations (slides)
  • wearable reminds you with small vibration, about things
  • wearable warns you of impending dangers that it might see on your route or schedule
  • acts as a raw diary recorder, you can do journaling with it
  • pointyr laser, show what you mean
  • virtual shared pointyr, show and let other person see through their VR/AR lens what you are showing
  • the wearable has small reading light for your pre-sleep time poems
  • if you are tired of reading, you can listen to podcasts or books with the wearable
  • keep a geographical log your movement anytime
  • alert for rescue if you get lost
  • ask for help while traveling abroad
  • translations of language on the fly with your wearable
  • is a calendar
  • listen to local radio stations with your wearable
  • unlock your home doors
  • remote unlock for maint man, keeping control of who’s in
  • acts as TV remote as well, no need to have separate “remote controllers”
  • has Tasks to remind you
  • alarm clock functionality
  • measures your sleep quality
  • authenticate yourself to workplace doors by having your id in the Access control list of your workplace doors
  • do payment in shops with wearable
  • pay your invoices by just accepting any upcoming, known invoices with a simple gesture

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