Future society and omissions of little useless details

Digitality and ‘future society’ in my mind does consist of primarily optimizations geared towards increasing the reach of human mind. It’s a bit vague concept, and throughout the path to there, we’re probably bound to make errors.

One question is quite important: to benefit from future’s technology, need we be willing and specifically accepting to it, or does technology benefit us regardless of our aptitude or attitude?

It’s really an interesting question.

Not all people think technology is a good answer at all. It has some downsides, for sure.

I think during the 2019-2022 Covid pandemic we’ve seen many sides to our relationship with tech. A sort of lethargy and addiction potential to letting streaming AI control what we do, isn’t perhaps such a good idea (streaming AI is software designed purely to keep us munching digital content hours on end). However ordinary telly, the TV, Television was just as captivating before the Internet. TV kept a sort of holy central position in families. People center their activities loosely around the media. Media is something new all the time; there’s everchanging content, seeming endless novelty triggering us to keep spending just a bit more time there. At the end of a long media binge-watching session we might actually feel mental withdrawal symptoms.

One of the riddles of modern times is passwords.

Another trivial – but still a medium hard to solve issue is the insufficient and inconvenient fact that electronics devices, such as mobile phones, cars and any other non-plugged-in device needs charging. Charging is about a few things: compatibility of charging tips (USB cable ends) and availability of charging outlets (power).

With ever -increasing dependency on various mobile electronics we’re sort of like the Pitfall guy from a classic 1980s arcade game: trying to leap through the day, avoiding pitfalls and dangers, analogous to us leaping through traffic, loops and meetings trying to keep all the gear in proper charge. You could say that it’s sometimes unclear who is the dog and who is the tail, and what’s their causal relationship.

If we get things right; if we get unlimited and uninterrupted power and network; unbiased, good-quality news, perhaps at a very low cost, affordable for anyone: what would be out there? How would the world look like? What are the little things we wouldn’t miss, missing? The things that no longer basically existed, but instead had withered away, under the new wave of technological prowess?

What would the advanced future look like?

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