wordpress: intro

Some of you are real big fans of WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for quite some time. Why?

Well it’s the first love in blogging for me. I admit it off the bat: I haven’t seriously tried other blogging systems.

Let’s dive into a few concepts, not in any particular order.

Core, the WordPress’s heart and brain, gets regularly updated. Latest now is version 5.9.2

WordPress allows you to Write first. Think then. That’s great! When you have ideas, you want to keep on writing. The user interface is kept to a rather simple, and it allows you to.. keep writing! So called Gutenberg block editor change the game even more. You don’t have to know what HTML is, instead you need to know what you want.

The Gutenberg editor in WordPress has ready-made functionality offered as “blocks”, which you can add to your page, and customize to suit the purpose.

Let’s recap WordPress strengths

Gutenberg block editor as default in new WordPress

Customizable content with JavaScript code. Both what customers see, and the backend can be customized by you or consultants, when WP’s in-built features are not enough.

A lot of people sharing goods such as icons, themes and plugins.

Non-technical people included in development

About 18000 translators around the world

Host your own WordPress, absolutely all rights are yours. Or choose a Webhotel who already has WordPress covered for you.


Ability to have Users of various sorts on a site

WordPress Handbooks

The Famous 5-minute install

Support on most big and small hosting platforms

WP enthusiasts have Slack channels where there’s ample chat about development, latest news and ideas

Vibrant user community, inclusive and friendly towards newbies

State of Word event every year

Happiness Engineers, if you decide to host at the WordPress.com

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