Learn PHP and make a strategy game

Let’s build a complete Network Tycoon game, with PHP.

I loved Civilization, Railroad Tycoon and many other strategy games on PC, in 1990s. So why not do one self, and learn backend programming at the same time.

I figured the context could be a modern face of civilization. What else is such a global thing, and has a direct impact on nations? The Internet.

So, in the game you are operating a company that wants to capture markets in the emerging frenzy of new communications technology, namely Fiber optic networks.

The world is hungry for streaming movies, data and realtime communications! Computers have evolved, now it’s time to make the brain wires between computers evolve, too.

There’s a sort of abstraction, but also a level of fascinating details. Just like Microprose, software company, captured many things in 1990s simulations, I want to slowly make the game a delightful experience.

It doesn’t have to be ultra-realistic, though. I think too much realism and lack of the game-like elements can easily also make game mechanics slow and cumbersome.

Your company sees a golden opportunity in building fast fiber networks. However, be aware that you are not alone..

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