Tales from creation.

Tales from the creation of Teknovelho – kappale 1

Eero is the CEO of a booming IT consultancy called Inducon, in my first-to-be-novel Teknovelho.

The company where Eero was an employee actually went bankrupt, when it had taken under its wings too inexperienced kids. Future promises. Too many of them. It wasn’t IT, but he kept this memory as a very strong heuristic when he as a young skipper in his own company.

From that era, Eero had developed a traumatically nuanced attitude towards recruitment and HR function. The other half of him wanted to provide growth opportunities for young faces. But, as said, he’d burned his fingers once. And it was painful.

However, it was a necessary prod to step forward into entrepreneurship.

The years rolled by, and the firm made a good profit. With time he realized that their conservatism was already starting to be a risk factor. Juha “Teknovelho” appears just at the right time. Eero’s radar is on, and the blip looks enticing. Like magic. It’s time for action!

See; you can’t just hire over-experienced farts all over. They get too comfy. Young talent is greedy and fierce, full of inspiring and bubbling energy; they’re ready to fight for their share of fame. Yet they’re curiously enough unradical enough to follow the lead. It’s a wonder mix, a growrth cocktail in the right hands. Question arises: does Eero have it? Does he really know Juha? Does anyone really know Juha?

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