Like a eat-all-you like buffet, or is it?

I was having a conversation about this particular meme.

It depicts how Netflix was the perfect solution for its time. Then things got kind of sharded, and the meme suggests in a witty way that people are missing piracy once again, since they always yearn for that super simple solution.

We are bound by silos. No doubt about it.

Freedom is a very elusive thing, if we drill down deep enough.

And I said: I think most streaming services are not true pay-per-use, but rather eat all you can. Thus they sort of do give consumers the freedom (of having a lot of content), but at the same time they teach a rather unhealthy binge, due to the perceived value of such a service being greater when you consume more for the same price. But none of the streaming services give the ultimate freedom of having any and all of the content.

Fascinating situation.

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