Render Buildings plugin and having fun with Roblox

You might guess that I have a bit of knack for things 3D. The Blender 2.79 has been a mighty workhorse for years – and yes, stuck in 2.79 for now, due to a Intel 3000 GPU as the graphics cards – but anyways…

I’ve been playing with Roblox Studio for the past 2 days. Fantastic!

Learned the basics of editing and creating worlds. I also found a magnificient plugin, called Render Buildings.

Render buildings allows you to convert real-world map data to Roblox worlds. It is one of those things I find amazing! In Blender there is a Openstreetmap to Blender converter(s), and they opened a whole new world for editing. It’s really a big hand to get stuff done by computer, and not have to manually create and edit the buildings. Recommended! Easy to use, too.

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