Autolane:: and Ted meet

Ted works in high-tech, and he’s been engaged with a project that devours almost all of his energy

Still there’s the life beyond work that requires skills in organizing and energy to implement the chores that make life go on: 

groceries, postal service, cleaning the house, fueling the car; washing it; pampering things, meeting friends, participating in local startup chapter happenings, going out for a jogging. 

One day there’s a brief contact between Autolane:: and Ted. 

Autolane:: has a visor that looks at the world in quite abstract way. Whereas Ted is immersed in the human side of things, Autolane:: only sees characters, entities that symbolize transport needs and satisfaction queries; queues. Ted on the other hand, even though sometimes considers himself very cyclopic indeed, is still very easily distracted by real-world fuzz. Sometimes a missed appointment or getting stuck in a traffic jam can simply make the rest of the day a very dark experience; the feelings overshadow positive happenings, and stress seems like a constant companion in the radar rat race.  

That’s why Autolane:: makes a perfect companion to the hectic infoholistic but nevertheless finitely powered human being. Autolane:: calculates and sees a seed of improvement in everyday things.  

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