Svelte code

Svelte, my new friend.

This system is really low-key, efficient way to do web apps.

With Svelte, you write .svelte files. These have 3 parts:

  • script
  • main
  • style (containing CSS)
/* Icons imported as single symbols from a Bootstrap adaption of Svelte */
import { CheckCircle } from 'svelte-bootstrap-icons'
import { BoxArrowRight } from 'svelte-bootstrap-icons'
/* The 'onMount' is interesting, yet it must be imported */
import { onMount } from 'svelte'

I got into Svelte in December 2022, with the release of Sveltekit 1.0


SvelteKit helps you get going!

SvelteKit in under 3 minutes

Philosophy of Svelte as a development platform?

  • my opinion from a 4 week initial period is that Svelte is straight-forward, batteries-included and well thought out
  • compared to React, I felt Svelte easier to learn, less stuff (toolkits) to install

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