All linux Things

Sharing quick thoughts of tools, ideas, and discoveries concerning Linux and free software.
It’s All linux Things because “/alt” looks just so much better postfix in the web page URL than “/atl” would be.

I’m a Linux enthusiast. My first encounter with the alternative operating system was about in 1998, while entering Helsinki University of Technology. My hacker friend Kimmo with whom I had coded a lot of things in assembler and Pascal was very interested in various technologies, especially serverside, hardware and operating systems. He was a solid conversation partner and a great source of inspiration in my endeavors within the Linux world.

When I had the opportunity to choose differently, I did it. For a course at Aalto University of Technology, which was about the History of industrial inventions and so forth, I chose to write an essay about Linux (in Finnish: Teollisuushistorian essee).

But for now:

I’ll be back.

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